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We started trading early 1999 as The Ink Shop, offering affordable Ink Cartridges online, at the same time we were selling toys from local markets and country shows, late 2000 we decided to set up a website to sell toys online.  This was successful, both our ink site and toy site were hosted on standard cpanel hosting plans. Mid 2001 our host offered us a reseller account where we could managed both our sites from one account, which we accepted, shortly after this we asked to host a site for another market trader for a small fee, within the next 12 months we were hosting sites for 23 market traders along with a main site for a local market. between 2002 to 2005 we were hosting over 50 sites, it become obvious that hosting was becoming our main online source of revenue, while ink sales had been declining over the last 2 years, if was decided to stop selling the inks and concentrate on hosting, but The Ink Shop did not suit a hosting business, so a new name and brand was required.

Easyas ABC Hosting was founded November 2006 with the goal of offering high quality shared and reseller web hosting while at the same time offer a personal and reliable service, over the next 3 years as our business grew, we found that we were also hosting several charities which we hosting at a reduced rate, so we decided to set up a separate business Charity Host UK to host all our charity sites (we set this up in Jan. 2009).  Up to this point we were only offering cPanel Hosting.  In March 2009 the opportunity came about that AP Host was for sale and they were Direct Admin Hosts, so we bought this company, with the intention of offering Direct Admin Hosting, by this time we were serving clients from all over the world.

Then suddenly the host we had our main sites hosted on went down overnight, leaving us with no sites and more importantly our clients with no sites, after receiving many emails from clients to where their sites were, we tried for 48 hours to get hold of the host and get sites back, but with no response, at the same time we were looking for another host, so we could at least get back online as soon as possible. after 56 hours we found a host that we could at least get back online, but as a temp measure as they did not offer everything we needed, but at least we could get clients back online, naturally by this time and as we lost all files and sites, some client decided to leave and go elsewhere, it was at this point we decided to look at a VPS, so we could control our own server.

We found a suitable VPS and after doing checks on the supplier we purchased this and started migrating what was left of our clientbase over.  with several businesses and business names we decided to placed all these under one brand this was when The Easyhost Media Group was formed (Sept. 2009).

In June 2010 we set up Niceday Hosting, with the intention of using this site to handle all our resellers and Easyas ABC Hosting to handle all Standard cPanel Hosting, but it was decided that we would place all our hosting under Niceday Hosting and offer Dedicated Servers and VPS through Easyas ABC Hosting.

In July 2010 we set up a new server that we specifically setup to be Dolphin and RMS enabled, we have branded this under then name Dolphin Host.

In Sept. 2010 we have set up a third server that would host Direct Admin, this will be under the name Northumbria Hosting.  Due to the lack of interest in Direct Admin hosting we closed down this server in June 2011.

In 2011 we added 3 other brands to The Easyhost Media Group

Tophosting UK (tophostinguk.info) ~ a website review forum and chat site
Perfume Boutique (perfume-boutique.co.uk) ~ a perfume/cosmetic retail site
Kids TV Forum (kids-tv.net) ~ a forum on Classic kids TV shows

 On 24th May 2018 after 18 years in the webhosting business i took the decision to close down our hosting operations.

As i have many clients that just have domains through our domain service Easyhost Domains and SSL Certs though our SSL service PowerSSL and these run on their own with little work i decied to keep these running

http://easyhostdomain.com - General domain services

http://easyhostdomains.co.uk - reseller domains

http://powerssl.co.uk - SSL services


Terry Robertson
The Easyhost Media Group

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